1st Post - Taverna do Poço

When traveling most people look for monuments and landscapes. Although, the tourist guides high lights are important they aren’t more than mere visual experiences.

But a good traveler knows that traveling is, most of all, meeting people and their way of life. And therefore, their culture.

I recently realized that this can also be done in my home town. There are small “corners” in Lisbon where we can see much more than “stones”. These are the experiences that I’m looking to show here.

This is not a touristic blog neither a photo blog. It is a place where I share my photographic experiences with some extra (few) words. It is about people and their universes. It is about small places, local events, houses, etc. It is about what really makes a living town.


Wine!! Red or White! 

These photos are from “Taverna do Poço”, one of many taverns you can find in Mouraria. There you can find men from multiple generations, that gather to play cards, read the newspaper, see football matches, sing and drink. But most of all just to be together.

Good to see you, my friend!!!

Yes! Smoking is illegal. But this is like home.